Success Story

Verto Digital - Marketing analytics

Offer the customer recommendations on methods for retrieving data from marketing platforms. Assist the customer in organizing the data to ensure its suitability for analytical purposes. Implement the proof of concept into production

The Challenge

Data resides in various sources and in inconsistent formats and structure. Widely available integration tools were expensive and hardly scalable. The challenge was to bring the data into a single warehouse in a consistent format to enable value add marketing analytics so that the business stakeholders are taking informed decisions. The solution must be replicable for many customers with minimal effort.

The Solution

The solution consists of data ingestion pipelines in FiveTran as a marketplace deployment. Data is stored in BigQuery to allow for seamless transformation and storage. Data transformation pipelines are built using the Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) process using the data build tool within BigQuery. Additional transformation and API calls were built via cloud functions. Looker studio was used for visualization.

The Result

A customer-facing marketing platform that provides insights on how their marketing data is converted to actual leads and opportunities, the cost per conversion, and cost per marketing campaign.



The level of strategic architecture consulting and data
engineering of the Cloud Office team was outstanding.
The true game changer for the success of the project,
however, was their approach to understanding our
unique business requirements.

Ivo Shipochky 

Head of Paid Growth, VertoDigital


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