Success Story

Severina's Secrets - Security assessment

Cloud Office proposed and implemented Business optimizations and Security enhancements after analysing the customer’s environment with a Security Assessment.

The Challenge

Severina’s Secrets recently moved their G Suite account to Cloud Office and encountered questions like:

  • What are the security risks our company is exposed to
  • Are we sufficiently protected
  • How can we increase the awareness among the team

The Solution

We successfully performed a security assessment following Google’s Recommended Practices:

  • We have assessed 80+ settings, identifying potential weaknesses and threads.
  • We have developed comprehensive security analysis along with business optimization recommendations
  • All recommended actions were deployed in 2 weeks in to the client environment

The Result

Security: Severina’s Secrets G Suite account security score improved by 34%.
Cost optimization: 38% reduction in cost, driven by better per licence rate provided by Cloud Office and users/group optimization
All critical security risks identified were resolved


About: Severina’s Secrets

Severina’s Secrets is a brand that has unique positioning focused on luxury and empowerment. Born in Beverly Hills, California (USA), Severina’s Secrets draws from the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise this place has to offer. Years of research, hard work and effort, and desire to make a difference in the world, are the founding pillars on which we firmly stand today.







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