Success Story

Economedia - Centralizing data for insights

The Challenge

Economedia was facing a few challenges concerning storing and making sense of data. They needed one centralized source for data collection, storage, management, and analysis. Then, analysing the content performance across various parameters required alignment with dynamic user preferences and market trends, adding a layer of complexity to content strategies. The final challenge lied in implementing actionable insights derived from data. 

Defining triggers and actions based on metrics like RFV and quality reads demanded a strategic approach, supported by Google.

The Solution

The solution was found in the face of Google Landing Zone, which serves as the foundational infrastructure for Economedia’s project. It provides a standardised and secure environment for hosting applications and managing resources on Google Cloud. BigQuery enables the creation of interactive dashboards and facilitates in-depth analysis of audience profiling, content performance, journey analytics, and revenue metrics. Cloud Office was able to provide technical support to Economedia by working tirelessly to make the new system a reality in a matter of months.

The Result

A strategic implementation of advanced data warehouse was created to serve as a single source for all the company’s data sources translating into tangible business outcomes, propelling the organisation towards accelerated growth and data-driven excellence. The meticulous utilisation of Google BigQuery has not only streamlined data storage and analysis but has also fostered a culture of informed decision-making.The cost-effective and scalable nature of Google Cloud Storage has not only optimised data storage but has also unlocked avenues for efficient data management.

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With the consistent technical support provided by Cloud Office, we worked tirelessly and managed to make the new system a reality in a matter of months.

Chavdar Dimov

Head of Audience data, Economedia


About: Economedia

Economedia is the largest publisher of business media in Bulgaria and one of the leading online groups. Their portfolio includes the most influential economic publication Capital and the news site Dnevnik. Economedia is also the publisher of several specialised information products such as Careers, Regal, Bacchus, Audit.

The mission of Economedia media is to provide reliable and quality information, to create original journalism that helps readers make informed choices for their business and personal prosperity.

All products published by Economedia comply with the principles of quality journalism and social responsibility. The editors of the publications follow the standards of the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media and have developed strict internal quality rules.

Editorial teams are managed independently of the publishing company's business departments to ensure non-interference with content.

Through all its media brands, Economedia reaches 2,500,000 unique readers every month. Their loyal audience is the most active economic and social group of citizens, with a high educational and professional status.






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