Success Story

DSP Law Office - Success Story

Cloud Office was involved in a digital transformation project to support the process analysis and handled the entire Google Workspace deployment, AppSheet development and Data Studio dashboards creation.

The Challenge

  • The Dimitrova & Staikova team has been using Google Workspace for remote collaboration for more than 1.5 years. This helped them make the switch from 100% office work to seamless collaboration from everywhere. However they kept using legacy systems for billing & invoicing and time tracking. This led to inefficiencies due to the lack of integration as well as additional cost.

The Solution

The Cloud Office professional services team evaluated all 3rd party tools in use, analysed the time tracking and billing processes and collected all requirements. Based on that, we built a web application utilising the new Google Workspace integration with AppSheet and Google Data

The Result

The Dimitrova & Staikova team is now able to capture and track all the work completed throughout the month, which can be easily converted into an invoice, streamlining the entire process in a single interface. In addition all the historical data is accumulated and visalyzed in beautiful and useful dashboards in Data Studio.


With the Cloud Office professional services and expertise and the out of the box integration between Google Workspace and AppSheet, we were able to significantly improve the entire work process and reduce complexity, thus enabling our team to focus on what matters

Nevena Staikova

Managing Partner at Dimitrova, Staikova & Partners Law Office


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