Success Story

Covert - Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Covert have been struggling with their Microsoft setup around team Calendar visibility and lack of real-time file collaboration. The regular maintenance around Outlook, email security and identity management was adding a lot of overhead. As a fully remote company, shadow IT and working with proprietary data was a challenge they needed to address and have the proper settings in place.

The Solution

Cloud Office prepared and executed a deployment plan that moved their data over to Google Workspace and helped them organise their files to be more productive utilising Shared Drives. Taking into consideration the way how Google Workspace is managing access to APIs and third party applications they have properly configured only authorised access to their data with best practice recommendations

The Result

After the implementation, Covert has seen a massive improvement in the way information is shared both internally and externally. Shared Drives have provided them with easy to manage access and control over their projects and sensitive data with intuitive settings. Their team can now focus on important tasks and reduce the maintenance of systems next to zero.


The Cloud Office team was extremely efficient in helping us figure out weaknesses in the system and proposed easy to implement and maintain solutions. Not only was the support team proactive and responsive during the migration and initial set-up, but also the friendly support team is always ready to lend us a hand when we need it ever since. 

Max Murphy

Managing Director, Covert Ltd


About: Covert

Covert is a creative studio specialising in Visual Effects, design and animation delivering high quality content for advertising campaigns, music and videos to social media, TV & Film.




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