Success Story

Toki - Custom CRM build with AppSheet

Cloud Office helped TOKI to build a customer CRM platform on top of
AppSheet, which gave TOKI a single place to manage all of their
customer data. The platform also included a number of features that
helped TOKI to improve their internal processes.

The Challenge

TOKI is a rapidly growing company that needed a way to manage their
customer data and interactions more effectively. They were using a
variety of different tools and systems, which made it difficult to get a
complete picture of their customers. They also needed a way to
automate their customer service processes and provide better support
to their customers.

The Solution

Cloud Office helped TOKI build a customer CRM platform on top of
AppSheet integrated with CloudSQL database in Google Cloud.
AppSheet is a low-code development platform that makes it easy to
build and deploy mobile and web apps without writing code. CloudSQL
is a fully managed relational database service that provides high
availability, scalability, and security.

The Result

The new customer CRM platform has helped TOKI to improve their
customer service and satisfaction. They have been able to reduce the
time it takes to resolve customer issues, and they have also been able
to provide more personalized service to their customers. The platform
has also helped TOKI to grow their business by attracting new
customers and increasing customer retention.



We are very happy with the new customer CRM
platform that Cloud Office has built for us. The platform
is easy to use and maintain, and it provides us with the
insights we need to improve customer service. We
would definitely recommend Cloud Office to other

Milko Slavov

CTO, Toki


About: TOKI

TOKI is the first fully digital platform for providing electricity services in Bulgaria, operated by KEP TOKI POWER. Developed specifically for the needs of SMEs, as well as for large consumers and households, TOKI offers flexible and innovative pricing plans and exceptional customer service.




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