Success Story

Foundation "Our Premature Children" - Success Story

The Challenge

Our mission has always been to help people and overcome the odds, even if it seemed impossibly hard. This passion inevitably spread to other people with the same mindset and so our little team grew bigger. As much as this growth contributed to our cause it also gave rise to new problems. Working with legacy software was impacting our means of communication and therefore the effectiveness of our efforts, even more so in these times of remote working. Simple tasks became time consuming as there was no clear flow of documentation or day-to-day operations.

The Solution

We started using G Suite to collaborate efficiently internally and with other organizations and donors. We use Google Meet to consult when an in-person meeting is difficult to arrange. Collaboration and sharing files are easier with Google Docs and Google Drive. No need for locked documents or local versions with Google Docs. Everyone can view and edit one doc at the same time. Google drive does a great job in managing our assets.

The Result

G Suite helped foster a culture of collaboration at Our Premature Children Foundation, improving operational efficiency.

At Our Premature Children Foundation, our employees communicate with external partners with a custom address, resulting in professional and secure communications. Brand awareness is essential for any nonprofit looking to grow and scale their impact.


G-Suite turned out to be a HUGE contribution to facilitating our work and I think that everyone in our team appreciated it, although I created a lot of work for you to reorganize your things 🙂 It is certainly a huge step for us towards better organization and productivity. , thanks to you and your support

Nadya Drenska

Co-founder of Foundation "Our Premature Children"



Sofiia, Bulgaria




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