Success Story

NEC Group - How to improve internal processes

Cloud Office was involved in a digital transformation project to analyse the invoicing process & develop a custom solution capable of handling data input and reporting.

The Challenge

NEC Group was manually tracking all vendor invoices, leading to inefficient data entry and cost analysis in spreadsheets.

The Solution

A new process was designed to capture the invoices with a Google Form. All the data is stored into a Google Sheet and automatically uploaded to a BigQuery dataset. Data Studio Dashboard with data slices was created enabling the team to easily check invoicing data, by
amount, vendor, timeframe and outstanding balances.Studio.

The Result

The NEC Group team is now able to capture and track all the vendor invoices, streamlining the entire process in a single interface. In addition all the historical data is safely stored in BigQuery and visualized in beautiful and useful Data Studio dashboards.


It is amazing to see how the Cloud Office team is capable of extending Google Workspace and Google Cloud and build custom solutions, matching our specific needs!

Stoil Nikolov

Managing Director at NEC Group


About: NEC Group

NEC Group is company, established in 2012, dedicated to management, consulting and full service of construction investment projects, according to the needs of our Clients and specific requirements of each unique project. NEC Group is a company working in the field of Project Management and Consultancy in Construction.




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