Success Story

MSB - GCP success story

Cloud office team introduced Google Cloud as a solution. The team followed initial discovery, business and tech understanding, suggested architecture and provided accurate cost estimations. Successfully delivered a POC resolving tech challenges.

The Challenge

The product has been developed to a MVP stage utilising legacy cloud provider, which wasn’t reliable enough – service disruption due to server maintenance, high latency and not sufficient hardware utilisation. These factors were causing degraded product performance and business impact. Currently the business is focused on growth and
having reliable and fast infrastructure in place is a mandate.

The Solution

Cloud Office team created the entire environment such as billing, IAMs, project, VMs / compute, ssh access, Google Cloud operations suites. Separately advised on networking setup to leverage Cloud DNS, CDN, domains and firewalls. During the migration the team was able to swiftly resolve any technical glitches to ensure successful POC and production deployment. Post deployment cost optimisation.

The Result

Platform performance increased by 500% with cache and 1200% without cache. Significant security enhancement has also been recorded. Migration has been delivered with minimal to none service downtime. Cost-wise, estimations were accurate which enabled the associated business growth. The technical outcomes outlined significantly improved conversion rates of the platform and end E-commerce customers.


I'm extremely pleased to have worked with Cloud Office during this project. They were able to point out the performance increase opportunity and were competent enough to make a difficult migration much more approachable. Excited to have Cloud Office as a partner for what lies ahead.

Ognian Apostolov

CEO Max Media System Builder



MSB is a platform that allows users to build a functional website, mobile app for iOS and Android, without any software development skills. With MSB you can create beautiful online stores, blogs, appointment booking services, subscription plans, CVs, resumes, restaurant booking systems, and much more - all of that, straight from your mobile device.




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