Success Story

Mercatus - Subscription to Cloud Office

Cloud Office proposed and implemented Business optimizations and Security enhancements after analysing the customer’s environment with a Security Audit and a Business Impact Survey.

The Challenge

Mercatus has been using G Suite (Currently Workspace) since inception through a direct purchase from Google. The missing part of the puzzle were the answers of questions like:

  • Could there be a more personal approach from Google for a company like theirs?
  • Has the Mercatus Workspace been set up according to Google’s best practices?
  • Is the Workspace environment secure enough out of the box?
  • Are we utilizing the full potential of the product and hence gaining the maximum benefit?
  • Is their current setup cost effective?
  • What else we could do with G Suite?

The Solution

The billing account of Mercatus has been transferred and registered with Cloud Office with NO downtime or business interruption. Total time for completion was 5 minutes.
The Security audit was performed per Google’s Best Practices: validating 80+ checkpoints, providing compliance score and improvement areas
Business impact: Identified adoption rates vs Google proven best practices and areas of improvement to leverage the full potential of the product.
All in all, a detailed and specific SWOT analysis has been provided and agreed mitigation steps were executed.

The Result

Cost optimization: 21% reduction in cost, driven by better per licence rate provided by Cloud Office and users optimization. 
Security: compliance score improved by 25+%
Adoption: 100% positively impacted users and additional cost benefits of ~30% in connected areas were proposed


About: Mercatus

Mercatus is a Boutique ITO & BPO service and solution provider which specializes in IT Staffing & Relocation, Software Outsourcing Services and Sales.


Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Ukraine





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