Success Story

Dronamics - Google Workspace Journey

Cloud Office value proposition tackled two directions. On the commercial avenue, TCO dropped significantly leveraging discounts and archived licenses. On the technical front, professional services covered holistic enterprise features deployment.

The Challenge

  1. Commercial - The need was for a right partner to manage the licensing in the most effective way.
  2. Seeking the right partner to deploy the new to the organisation enterprise grade security controls around device management, authentication, Single Sign on, enhanced desktop security and overall best practices.

The Solution

  1. Commercial – archived users + custom pricing reduced the total cost of ownership with double digits percent
  2. Technical – Google Enterprise Standard edition, security controls deployment via professional services organisation. Best practices around end point management, device enrolment and approval, single sign on and others.

The Result

Fully operational and secure Google Enterprise working environment


We partnered with Cloud Office during a pivotal phase of our development. Their experience and expertise helped us leverage the full potential of Google Workspace in all aspects relevant to us - licensing, identity management, collaboration and enterprise security. The professional services we have received are competent, responsive and proactive which are the core of a long lasting relationship.

Tsvetan Vetskov

Director IT and Cybersecurity, Dronamics


About: Dronamics

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About Cloud Office

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