Success Story

Butler - United Google Workspace 

With the Cloud Office support services, Butler United managed to reorganise and merge 4 different accounts into one, reduce administration complexity, optimise cost and strengthen security.

The Challenge

  • 4 separate Google Workspace accounts with more than 15 secondary domains
  • Different tier subscription plans with separate pricing
  • 140+ users, some of them duplicates (1 user exists in 4 different accounts)
  • Unifying the diverse business lines
  • Minimising cost and optimising environment and business process
  • Creating a Drive architecture for files management
  • Extremely complex administration

The Solution

The Cloud Office team optimised the number of users, unifying them in a single Google Workspace account. We migrated email and removed the active domains from the other accounts. We added the other domains to the account as secondary, which allowed the users to fully utilise the aliases – eliminating the need to switch between accounts.

After the email migration was complete, we moved all the company information from individual user drives to “Shared Drive” in the unified organisation that allowed the files to belong to the organisation instead of individual users. That took care of the risk of accidentally deleting important company information along with a user account.

The Result

Unified Google Workspace environment, in which every user has its own account with all the email aliases they need. Redesigned file architecture that ensures all the files are owned and managed by the organisation. 50% cost saving by removing the duplicate user accounts. Security assessment and mitigation plan has been implemented, improving the overall security posture of the entire account by 43%.


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