Success Story

BSI Service - Digital Optimisation with Cloud Office

The challenge

BSI Services were previously directing their email flow via a single email address per city, making use of an elaborate labelling structure to segment incoming messages to the responsible agents. This started to create difficulties as the client base grew and became unmanageable without individual inboxes, while also being the “current best” solution.

The solution

Recreating the existing labelling structure, ensuring that the messages sent to the old email accounts are now properly disseminated when sent to the old generic addresses, being delivered to not only the appropriate inbox, but being easy to identify using the old infrastructure rules and labels. Performed One-to-Many migration from Gmail to Google Workspace to populate all newly created inboxes.

The result

The Cloud Office engineering team assisted in the set-up for the new user inboxes and settings that needed to be configured to now resemble the old infrastructure. The team also assisted in configuring the old inboxes forwarding setting Messages now arrive to the responsible user's individual inbox, carrying the appropriate label, so that the message is easily identifiable to future actioning.



Cloud Office was stellar at meeting our business

needs and completing the set-up and migration in a

timely manner.


Jivko Bukorov

 CEO, B&Si Service



About: BSI

BSI is an Accounting Agency operating on in Europe and located in Bulgaria.




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